Jacquie Walter Business Photo.jpg

Jacquie Walter

Stage Manager/Owner

Jacquie Walter opened Exit STAGE Left when she realized that she had the skills and vision to help people through the emotional and stressful process of preparing a home for sale.  Her own personal experience, coupled with her timeless personal style, sent her on a quest for knowledge and to master the skills required in home staging and redesign so that she could help others move on without the drama. She is a certified professional designer and exceptional communicator.

A seasoned event planner and veteran of several real estate transactions, Jacquie has a well-developed sense of proportion and the ability highlight the key attributes of any space.   Her experience has taught her how color and light can accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives while bringing focus where it is most wanted.

As a business owner and mother of five, planning and organization have always been critical in Jacquie's world.  Her clients count on her concern for their budget while meeting their needs.

Her background in charitable works, including a stint as director of development for a women's charity right here in Naples, opened her eyes to the many ways donating home goods enhance lives in our community.  Giving back and being a responsible citizen is important to her, and she realizes how knowing you are helping others makes parting with treasured items a joy.

A Connecticut native, Jacquie has owned a home in Naples since 2002 and has been a full-time resident since 2014.